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Power system

According to our customer's demands, we can consult, provide and configue from a complete power system to separate individual elements, including:

- Complete system: AC, DC from various leading names as Eaton, GE Critical power, Eltek Valere, Emerson.

- Batteries: varying from a-few-amp-hour to thousands-of-amp-hour batteries produced by BSB, Suneom, NorthStar, Absolyet, Haze, and C&D*

- Rectifiers: single phase and three phase rectifiers with input voltages of 120, 208, 240, 377, and 480 VAC manufactured by Eaton, GE Critical Power, Eltek Emerson, etc...


- Power Distribution Unit: helps to transfer DC power to the individual plece of equipment. the device can vary from large bays called BDFBs or BDCBBs, to smaller distribution devices such as fuse or circuit breaker panels. Pacifictech is the distributor for some famous manufacturers kuje GE Energy (formally Lineage Power) Emerson (Marconi), ADC, Telect, Hendry, Trimm, Peco II...

- Generator: AC, DC run by petrol, diesel produced by well-known domestic and global.





Power cabinet                                                                                                          Generator (run by petrol)


Generator (run by diesel)                                                                                                  DC Rectifier  



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