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Pacific Ocean Technology and Construction Join Stock Company ( PacificTech ) was established on 5th January, 2010 by experienced Board of Directors who worked for international groups such as GE, ERICSSON, ALCATEL.  PacificTech aims to be the leading company in distribution, technology transfer and contruction equipment system in civil industry and national security.

Undergone five years of establishment and development, PacificTech has become the provider of wide-range product chains in almost industries including equipment system in electronic, telecommunication sector, automated equipment, mechanical equipment, medical equipment, etc.

Moreover, by the deep knowledge in technology, we mobilize the best forces to R&D and transfer the technology for specialty equipment system in national security sector. For instance, the security monitoring equipment used for GM technology, satellite technology, security protection equipments, anti-riot equipment, anti- illegal entry across the border and border gate both in land and at sea. The separated equipments and integrated solution of hardware and software in civil ship building, ship rescue, combat ships combined with satellite control, mechanical equipment combined with material handling equipment such as vacuum furnaces to ensure production in the defense industry. With a wide range product chain, PacificTech can provide most of the equipments in the industries: Marine Police, Defense Industry, Navy, Air Force, Border, etc.



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